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A3.0M/A3.0:2010 Standard Welding Terms and Definitions by AWS


A3.0M/A3.0:2010 typical Welding phrases and Definitions together with phrases for Adhesive Bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Thermal slicing, and Thermal Spraying

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Thermal gouging using an oxygen cutting process variation to form a bevel or groove. oxygen grooving. A nonstandard term for oxygen gouging. oxyacetylene cutting (OFC-A). An oxyfuel gas cutting process variation employing acetylene as the fuel gas. oxygen lance. A length of pipe used to convey oxygen to the point of cutting in oxygen lance cutting. 30 oxygen lance cutting (OLC). An oxygen cutting process employing oxygen supplied through a consumable lance. Preheat to start the cutting is obtained by other means.

A form of porosity having a length greater than its width that lies approximately perpendicular to the weld face. parallel welding, resistance welding. A secondary circuit variation in which the welding current is conducted through the workpieces in parallel electrical paths to form multiple resistance spot, seam, or projection welds simultaneously. 46(B). plasma. See arc plasma. plasma arc cutting (PAC). An arc cutting process employing a constricted arc and removing molten metal with a high-velocity jet of ionized gas issuing from the constricting orifice.

Preform, brazing and soldering. Filler metal in a shape suitable for preplacement within or adjacent to the joint prior to application of heat. portable transgun, resistance welding. A nonstandard term when used for a manual transgun. position. See welding position. preheat, n. The heat applied to the workpiece(s) to attain and maintain the preheat temperature prior to joining, thermal cutting, or thermal spraying. position of welding. See welding position. positional usability. A measure of the relative ease of application of a welding filler metal to make a sound weld in a given welding position and progression.

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