A grammar of the Hittite language: Reference grammar by Harry A. Hoffner

By Harry A. Hoffner

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In the plural. Although strictly speaking this is inconsistent, it is a reasonable accommodation and allows us to continue with the standard transcription for Sumerograms found in most of the existing tools in the field of Hittitology (such as the HZL). There are also different approaches for transcribing the word ‘enemy’ (adjective and noun). .   in the plural.  as MUNUS.  ‘gold’ (without prejudice as to its probable Sumerian pronunciation) instead of . Sumerian scribes created sign complexes in which one sign was inscribed inside another.

Túḫ-uḫ-ša might have the same function as wa-al-aḫ-ta (/walhta/), to indicate /tuhhsa/. 29. ,  ‘ox’) is repeated when followed by suffixes beginning with a vowel: -da (read gu4-da for /guda/) ‘of the ox’, although this is not to be understood as gemination. 27. For some of the above /Ce/ sequences, a second sign with value restricted to  + e is equally or even more common: ḫé (º ) is more common than ḫe ( / ) for /he/; ne (/ ) is more common than né () for /ne/. On the other hand, mi and me are different signs, as are ši and še, and ti and te.

A (contra HE §6d). A-uš ‘crops’. 60 (p. 63). 44. ) are equally common in all periods, the suffixed plural marker  is rare after Old Hittite, and when it does occur, it is redundantly combined with another plural marker (.  with other objects. Prefixed determinatives (as class markers) are less frequently used in OH than in MH and NH. 45. It is important to distinguish between the supposed ancient pronunciation (to the extent that we can reconstruct it) and the conventional pronunciation employed by 33.

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