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A guide to biblical sites in Greece and Turkey by Clyde E Fant; Mitchell Glenn Reddish

By Clyde E Fant; Mitchell Glenn Reddish

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Originally Apollonia functioned merely as a stopover on this busy road, but later it expanded into a city of some prominence. Biblical Significance Were it not for a single reference in the New Testament, Apollonia would be unknown in the biblical record. ” Some authorities have argued that this reference means there was no synagogue in Apollonia; others insist it has no such meaning and indicates only the intention of the missionaries to proceed to such a location in Thessalonica. When Apollonia historically seemed to be no more than an insignificant station on the Via Egnatia, it was easy 12 Greece to imagine that it contained no sizable Jewish population.

5). We know the hill was the meeting place for the Council of the Areopagus, at first the supreme court and chief legislative body of Athens. , the council was stripped of much of its power. , murder. The council was said to meet in the open air because its judges did not wish to be tainted by the bloody crimes of those it judged. By the 1st century the Romans seemed to have broadened the scope of its authority again, but the council obviously was limited to making whatever judgments the Romans would allow.

The statues took their name from the maidens of Caryae in Laconia, who carried vessels on their heads during an annual festival there. One of the statues was carried to London by Lord Elgin, along with other antiquities known as the Elgin Marbles. The south porch sheltered the Tomb of Kekrops, mythical founder of the Athenian royal family line. The north porch of the Erechtheion is surrounded by six columns with elaborate bases and capitals, and above the elegant doorway leading into the temple was a frieze of gray Eleusinian marble with white marble figures, now in the Acropolis Museum.

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