A History of Writing in Japan by Christopher Seeley

By Christopher Seeley

This ebook offers chronologically with the heritage of writing in Japan, a subject matter which spans a interval of 2,000 years, starting with the transmission of writing from China in concerning the first or moment century advert, and concluding with using written eastern with pcs. subject matters handled comprise the adoption of chinese language writing and its next variation in Japan, different types of writing hired in works corresponding to the "Kojiki" and "Man'yoshu," improvement of the "kana" syllabaries, evolution of combined character-"kana" orthography, historic "kana" utilization, the increase of literacy in the course of the Edo interval, and the most alterations that experience taken position in written eastern within the glossy interval (ca. 1868 onwards). this is often the 1st full-length paintings in a ecu language to supply the Western reader with an total account of the topic involved, in response to wide exam of either basic and secondary fabrics.

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