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Abyssal Channels in the Atlantic Ocean: Water Structure and by Eugene G. Morozov, Alexander N. Demidov, Roman Y. Tarakanov,

By Eugene G. Morozov, Alexander N. Demidov, Roman Y. Tarakanov, Walter Zenk

This ebook is devoted to the examine of constitution and shipping of deep and backside waters above and during underwater channels of the Atlantic Ocean. The research relies on fresh observations, research of old information, and literature studies. This process permits us to appreciate how water shipping and water mass prop- ties have replaced over the past years and a long time. the focal point of our learn is at the propagation of backside waters within the Atlantic Ocean according to new box info at key issues. on the finish of the Nineteen Twenties, the 1st necessary examine of water lots and backside topography of the principal and South Atlantic was once conducted from the German - seek vessel Meteor. This German Atlantic day trip used to be one of many first cruises built with the newly built echo sounder (fathometer): an compulsory p- needful for the research of backside morphology within the deep sea on an - erational base. the result of the day trip have been released by means of Wüst, Defant, and co-workers within the multivolume METEOR book sequence beginning with the cruise record through the ship’s commander (Spiess 1928, 1932). traditionally, this sequence of p- lications, intermittently interrupted through global conflict II, used to be the root for a few years of study into the improvement of contemporary techniques approximately Atlantic water lots and their movement schemes.

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According to (Sverdrup et al. 1942), this thick layer, which is a mixture of waters from different sources, is an independent water mass. They called it Circumpolar Deep Water, (CDW). This layer is divided into two independent layers, specific characteristics of which reflect the properties of the parental deep waters (Gordon 1967). Upper Circumpolar Deep Water (UCDW) has a minimum oxygen concentration, while maximum contents of phosphates and nitrates are confined to its upper layer. These properties originate from the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Isotherm depths corresponding to serpentinization temperatures (300–500°C) in the profiles are likely located beyond the zones of hydrothermal convection (Dubinin 1987). 12). Positive and negative anomalies range from +100 to −200 nT. Many anomalies have an equant shape. They merge into latitudinal anomalous fields of variable sign. Correlation between the local topographic forms and anomalous magnetic field is virtually absent. Actually, there should be no such correlation, because the study region is located near the equator where inclination of the magnetizing vector of the Earth’s magnetic field T is close to zero.

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