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Advances in Tyre Mechanics (Rapra Review Reports) by R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

By R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

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2 mm. 5 refs. (Transl. 14). Sci. Teclmol. TI24-8 ELEMENTS OF AUTOMATED DESIGN AND CALCULATION OF THE STRESS STATE OF RADIAL TYRES Belkin A E; Belikov A Vu; Narskaya N L; Ulyashkin A V A package of programs (Kaskad) for designing radial tyres is described. It has been introduced into five tyre factories. It draws a tyre profile with the various parts in position in the mould, prepares a geometric model so that its stress state during inflation and compression can be calculated, does contact area calculations, calculates the stresses 36 A composite tyre cord has been developed by SP Reifenwerke, the construction of which is described.

PROCESS FOR PREPARING A RUBBERY TERPOLYMER OF STYRENE, ISOPRENE AND BUTADIENE EXHIBITING AN EXCELLENT COMBINATION OF PROPERTIES FOR USE IN TYRE TREADS Hsu W-L; HalasaAF Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Technol. 2-18 EFFECT OF THE ENVIRONMENT ON THE FRICTION AND WEAR OF BLENDED RUBBER Uchiyama Y Kanazawa,University The terpolymer, which has multiple Tgs, is prepared by terpolymerising styrene, isoprene and I ,3-butadiene in an organic solvent at a temp. of no more than about 40C in presence of tripiperidino phosphine oxide, an alkali metal alkoxide and an organolithium compound.

Procedures and conditions for testing the braking and traction characteristics of tyres on icy roads are described. 5 refs. 731). l. 25 AQUATRED: SHOULD BE A WINNER Shaw D The Aquatred all-weather tyre with deep groove directional tread pattern is described. Its performance characteristics are detailed, and its marketing strategy is discussed. Goodyear launched Aquatred as a replacement tyre, eschewing the benefits of OE fitment in favour of the higher margins and less complex technical requirements possible in the replacement market, it is reported.

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