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Agile Swift: Swift Programming Using Agile Tools and by Godfrey Nolan

By Godfrey Nolan

Make your fast apps agile and sound with this brief step-by-step consultant. you will know about unit checking out, mocking and non-stop integration and the way to get those key elements working on your quick tasks. This booklet additionally appears to be like at tips to write your speedy apps utilizing try pushed improvement (TDD).
Agile practices have made significant inroads in iOS improvement, in spite of the fact that it’s very strange to work out anything as uncomplicated as unit checking out on a quick software. performed safely, Agile improvement leads to an important elevate in improvement potency and a discount within the variety of defects.
Apple has published unit checking out and code insurance frameworks for quick improvement in XCode. Up formerly getting unit trying out up and working in fast used to be now not for the faint-hearted. fortunately now, there isn't any excuse except an absence of data on the place to get started.
iOS builders are confronted with their very own set of difficulties reminiscent of tightly coupled code, fragmentation, immature trying out instruments all of that are solved utilizing latest Agile instruments and methods.  Swift Programming utilizing Agile instruments and Techniques is your solution to dealing with those tasks.
What you'll Learn
  • Write unit assessments in Swift
  • Write an program utilizing try pushed development
  • Examine GUI checking out, refactoring, and mocking frameworks
  • Set up and configure a continuing integration server
  • Measure code coverage
Who This ebook Is For
Swift builders and will be cellular app testers will enjoy the information during this book.

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Sample text

TestExample test passes We can also see a report on how the tests ran if we right-click again on testExample() in the Test Navigator and choose Jump to report. See Figure 2-8. Figure 2-8. Test report While we don’t have that much to report yet, it does show us where we need to go when we start writing more comprehensive unit tests. To complete this app, you need to take the following steps: 1. Create the user interface or view. 2. Create the model code to perform the calculations. Once that’s completed, you can return to unit tests.

Figure 2-21. Debugging tests 49 Chapter 2 ■ Swift Unit Testing Xcode shows the value of each of the variables and you can either Step Into (F7) the called functions or Step Over (F6) code as appropriate. Changing the expected result back to 3 is enough to fix the error. Figure 2-22 shows the Breakpoint tab, which lists all the breakpoints in the test or application code, which can be useful when you have multiple breakpoints set in your code. Figure 2-22. Breakpoint tab Logs If you run into any issues, one of the first places to look is the logs.

Test Class Structure class Tests: XCTestCase { override func setUp() { // initialization or setup } func testExample() { // assert and verify } override func tearDown() { // revert to original state } } No matter whether you are writing code in Swift, Objective-C, Java, or C#, all unit testing should use the concept of setup-record-verify. Setup means creating objects, data, or even rows in a database so you can simulate the real-world environment. Record means calling the method or object and verify means making sure the test returned the correct results, in our case using assertions.

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