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An Introduction to Programming With Mathematica by Richard J. Gaylord

By Richard J. Gaylord

Accompanying the publication, as with every TELOS backed courses, is an digital part. therefore it's a DOS-Diskette produced by means of one of many coauthors, Paul Wellin. This diskette comprises Mathematica notebooks and programs which include the codes for all examples and workouts within the publication, in addition to extra fabrics meant to increase many rules lined within the textual content. it truly is of significant price to academics, scholars, and others utilizing this publication to profit tips to successfully software with Mathematica .

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In these types of situations, a careful analysis of the problem you are working on is often necessary. Sometimes Mathematica will provide special tools or options to built-in functions to deal with special cases. Other times, you will have to extend Mathematica's capabilities by writing programs that effectively deal with your domain of problems. III The Mathematica Language In this section, we cover the material that we feel you should be comfortable with before proceeding. Some of the concepts are mathematical in nature, but most concern features of Mathematica that will be used throughout this book.

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B x + c -b - Sqrt[b 2 xl 2 - 4 a cl -b + Sqrt[b - 4 a cl {x -> - - - - - - - - - - } } Out [18) = {{x -> - - - - - - - - - - } , 2 a 2 a Of course, some equations cannot be solved by simple algebraic manipulation. In[19):= Solve[Coe[xl == x. xl Solve: :tdep: The equations appear to involve transcendental functions of the variables in an essentially non-algebraic way. Out[19)= Solve[Cos[xl == x, xl For equations such as these, numerical techniques must be employed. 4 for a discussion of this method).

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