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Applied Scanning Probe Methods IV: Industrial Applications by Joseph M. Kinsella, Albena Ivanisevic (auth.), Professor

By Joseph M. Kinsella, Albena Ivanisevic (auth.), Professor Bharat Bhushan, Professor Dr. Harald Fuchs (eds.)

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"The editors have performed an excellent task in making some of the chapters rather readable and many of the chapters are good written on a degree that may be available to so much readers. … As is mostly the case with Springer books, those volumes were superbly revealed, illustrated, and well sure for long-term durability." (Gary J. lengthy & Fernande Grandjean, Physicalia journal, Vol. 29 (4), 2007)

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Although these structures are complex, their interactions can be exploited on surfaces or in solution to fabricate three-dimensional architectures. Biological macromolecules and biological entities such as bacteria and virions can also be indirectly patterned using non-covalent interactions. Patterning of polyelectrolytes, which will be explained in further detail later, can create specific areas on the substrate that are highly charged. Charged areas on the surface can be used in the electrostatic assembly of oppositely charged biological molecules.

M. Kinsella · A. Ivanisevic Fig. 4. AFM images of DNA stretched onto DPN generated patterns of the polyelectrolyte poly(allylammonium) hydrochloride (PAH). (a) Height image. (b) Phase image. The DPN generated patterns of PAH are clearly visible as vertical lines in the phase image. They do not appear in the height image due to the small height of the deposited polyelectrolyte when patterned using DPN. Figure reprinted with permission from [42] Fig. 5. AFM height image of genetically modified cowpeamosaic virus (CPMV).

Edu U. es Jayne C. ch B. edu Joseph M. com William P. edu Brent A. R. O. de Paul Girard LAIN, UMR CNRS 5011, CC 082, Université de Montpellier II Place E. fr XXXVIII List of Contributors – Volume II Hermann Gruber Institute for Biophysics, J. Kepler University Altenbergerstr. it Peter Hinterdorfer Institute for Biophysics, J. at Rainer Kassing University of Kassel Institute for Microstructure Technologies and Analytics, IMA Technological Physics Heinrich-Plett-Str. jp Ferry Kienberger Institute for Biophysics, J.

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